Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!

If Dr. Seuss was still alive, today he would have turned 107!!!!  I have loved Dr. Seuss since I was a little girl, and I enjoy reading his books to my children.  They also enjoy reading his books themselves, so I decided to celebrate it in our homeschool today, but I didn't tell the children.  They each have a notebook in which I write the date and their assignments for each subject that day, but under today's date, it simply said, "Surprise School" with a smiley face.  I was really excited!  They were too, because I tend to want to check things off my list too badly to take the time for fun.  The Lord is working on that in me, but Dr. Seuss's birthday is just to fun to skip!  I woke them up to eat a green eggs and ham casserole that got mixed reviews.  Smiley resisted it, but eventually ate all of it.  Ms. Quality Time ate half of hers.  We adults enjoyed it a lot.  Little Man and Tenderheart ate the peppers and the ham from theirs, and left the rest.  I steamed some fresh spinach and pureed it to add to the egg mixture to make the eggs green without food coloring and to add nutrition.  After breakfast, we made a quick trip to the library to turn in books that were due before they were late.  Once we got home, Little Man read Green Eggs and Ham and the Bru Crew colored a picture from the book, just like Dr. Seuss did. 

Ms. Quality Time
Next, Tenderheart read The Cat in the Hat to us, and they completed a maze to help the cat find his hat.  This was followed by making edible hats for snack.  I melted white chocolate, dipped ritz crackers, and the Bru Crew put a marshmallow on top while the chocolate was still wet.  We then rolled out various red candies, like Starbursts and Laffy Taffies to make rings around the hat.  Their first one was as realistic as they could make it, but the second hats got a little crazy, and the colors were whatever they wanted.  Here's pictures of the hats.  We followed this up with The Cat in the Hat Comes Back and a Cat Dot-to-Dot page.

Little Man
 We read Fox in Socks, and completed a rhyming page, which was to be followed by  One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish, but we were unable to locate our personal copy, so we simply quoted as much of it as we could remember, which turned out to be quite a bit collectively!  This was followed by an opposites page all using fish-old fish, new fish, sad fish, glad fish, etc.  Finally, Ms. Quality Time read us Happy Birthday to You. In it, they go to Katroo, eat hotdogs on spools with mustard, which you wash off in the mustard off pools.  We had a lunch of hotdogs with mustard (and/or ketchup) and colored (gold)fish (from One Fish, Two Fish).  Then, we headed to our local indoor pool to swim.  [We did remove any ketchup or mustard ahead of time, in spite of what the book says.  ;) ]   All in all, I think our Dr. Seuss Day was a smashing success, and they are EXHAUSTED!!!  Ms. Quality Time said in a rather disappointed voice this evening, "I guess this is just a one time deal."  I told her that next year they would be expecting it, so it wouldn't be a surprise, but I thought it might be nice to make it a tradition.  I even encouraged her to be thinking of ideas to use so next year we could use some different books and different ideas.  I hope that you had a splendid Dr. Seuss' Birthday today, and if you didn't celebrate, I would encourage you to think about celebrating next year!

PS-Most of my printables came from Seussville!  Be sure to check it out!                  

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