Thursday, May 13, 2010

Science Fair Projects

Tenderheart with her project and Ms. Quality Time with her 3rd place ribbon and project.

Ms. Quality Time and Ruthie

I did it, finally! I have tried to upload pix on here before, but it didn't work. I think it did this time. Ms. Quality Time chose to buy Ruthie at the American Girl Store. Ruthie is Kit's best friend, and Ms.Quality Time's best friend has the Kit doll. It's sweet that the girls have best friend dolls too! Ms. Quality Time also got the Kit movie from Tenderheart, Little Man and Smiley for her birthday. Ms.Quality Time has been taking Ruthie most places with her. Ruthie watches her do her school work. She also reads Ruthie bedtime stories from our Fairy Tales book because Ruthie likes fairy tales. :o)

Monday, May 3, 2010

Glad to be so old?

Tonight, Smiley and I were talking as she was getting ready for the shower. She said she liked the shower water wa-arm (with 2 syllables!).
I said, "Me, too."
Then she said, "Me, three."
So, I said, "You're three? I thought you were four!"
She said, "No, like after you say 'Me too' you say 'Me three'!"
Then she said, "I know, we'll be silly and say 'Me, however old you are'. Like, I'll say 'Me, four' and you'll say 'Me...' How old are you?"
I told her I was 29.
"You're 29? I didn't know you were 29!" Dayton said.
"All the way to my birthday," I told her.
"Aren't you glad to be so old?" she asked me.
"I'm glad to be your mommy," I told her.
"Yeah, but aren't you glad to be so old too?"

I'm laughing as I type this. She's SO funny!

Haircuts and Science Fair

Ms. Quality Time has been asking for shorter hair for a couple of weeks now. I usually cut it myself, except when we're going to be around their aunt long enough, but that seems rarer and rarer these days. :o( I try to wait until it's not too hot or too windy so we can cut it outside. Smiley loves her curls, so she just wanted a trim, but Ms. Quality Time and Tenderheart wanted to go short. So...short we went! If I can figure out how to add pix, I'll post them.

We also went to the dentist this morning. Neither Ms. Quality Time nor Tenderheart need fillings at this time. We are still monitoring their cavities. After the dentist, we took back the too big display boards for science fair, only to discover that they were the only available size anyway! So, we came back home to make sure that they were suitable, since one of the two science fairs Ms. Quality Time is in has a size limit. They are going to work, so now we get to go back and rebuy them! We are finishing them up tomorrow because Ms. Quality Time's first science fair of the two is Wednesday.

After hair cuts, we've mostly played outside. The weather has been bad for several days and we've all had cabin fever! Soon we'll have to finish up our science fair stuff!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Beginning!

I have heard rumors of facebook beginning to charge for services. I don't know if that is true or not. I also limit what information I put on facebook, especially about the children, since I haven't talked to some of my facebook "friends" in real life in 10 or 15 years. I figured that family might like more information about what is really going on in this crazy little world of ours, so I decided to create a blog. I can write more, and you can know more! This is blog will only be open to people I approve, but if you know of someone who you think would like to be included, send me their email addy, and I'll invite them. I don't know many people's email addresses!