Monday, May 3, 2010

Glad to be so old?

Tonight, Smiley and I were talking as she was getting ready for the shower. She said she liked the shower water wa-arm (with 2 syllables!).
I said, "Me, too."
Then she said, "Me, three."
So, I said, "You're three? I thought you were four!"
She said, "No, like after you say 'Me too' you say 'Me three'!"
Then she said, "I know, we'll be silly and say 'Me, however old you are'. Like, I'll say 'Me, four' and you'll say 'Me...' How old are you?"
I told her I was 29.
"You're 29? I didn't know you were 29!" Dayton said.
"All the way to my birthday," I told her.
"Aren't you glad to be so old?" she asked me.
"I'm glad to be your mommy," I told her.
"Yeah, but aren't you glad to be so old too?"

I'm laughing as I type this. She's SO funny!

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