Bru Crew Dad

At the end of a half-marathon.
Does he look like he just ran 13 miles to you?
He's turning the kids into runners too! 
They completed a kids marathon the winter of 2011.
Bru Crew Dad is so many things!  Besides being the person on earth that I want to spend time with the most, he likes to play with his kids, read, collect baseball cards (he has over 200,000), and run (and run and run and run).  He runs a lot of 5Ks and usually in around 21 minutes, has run several half-marathons, ran his first marathon in Dec. 2011, which started the ball rolling.  In this picture, he's at the end of a half marathon.  He doesn't even look like he just ran 13 miles!  I'd say I'm jealous, but the truth is, I'm lazy.  He works hard to be this fit, and I'm just not willing to do that.  He has run over 20 marathons, and is training for his second ultra, which will be his first 50 mile race.  He reads quickly, so he is the book previewer at our house.  We have a rule that the kids are not to read a book unless it is parent-approved, which means we have to read a lot of books.  [It's just torture, let me tell you.  ;) ]  Bru Crew Dad also teaches the middle school boys on Sunday nights at our church.  He wears so many hats, but our favorite hat that he wears is that of our hero!  He always sweeps in to save my day!  Flowers or chocolate when they're needed, encouraging notes, taking the kids out to give me the house to myself, or sending me out for milk with instructions to go enjoy a cup of coffee on the way and not be back in less than an hour...what a guy!

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