Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Trying again!

I have dropped blogging as things got busy over the summer and then the new school year started, but as I've been reading the blogs of friends, I'm encouraged to continue my blog. The timing of this decision isn't excellent since we are busy enough this week with a rather unplanned trip North for a funeral, but that's okay. I have gone back through and edited the names of the children to make it a little less private.

I have to share a cute story with you, Smiley was climbing a tree in the front yard one day this week, because it has been unseasonably warm for February and we have taken advantage of it! I overheard her talking to herself, and having a pretend conversation with someone else. I could tell b/c the "other" person had a different voice. ;) She came out of the tree and proceeded to tell me the whole story. So-and-so's mom asked her, "What? Are you famous or something?" And Smiley answered, "No, I"m not famous. I'm just cool!" I was so tickled by that statement that I laughed off and on for the next hour.

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