Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Bru Crew's First 5K

The Bru Crew ran their first 5K today.  Smiley is not big on running, so she and I just walked and jogged.  Tenderheart decided that Little Man, Ms. Quality Time and Bru Crew Dad were running too quickly for her, so she joined us. Bru Crew Dad is the runner in our family (and would have won this race if he'd been running his pace), but he set a reasonable pace for his runners.  Ms. Quality Time sprinted the last leg and finished 3rd place for the 15 and under females.  She finished in 40:46.  Little Man got a bad cramp right at the end and almost had a come apart, but he made it.  His time was 41:10.  Tenderheart wanted to run more than Smiley, but her obedient spirit kept her with us.  I let her run ahead on the last leg, and she finished in 49:58.  Smiley and I finished at 50:23.  She did not enjoy the race as much as the other three, but I was proud of her perseverance.  I was proud of all of them!  Smiley, in her characteristic ability to keep us laughing, commented once that she was chasing her shadow.  I asked her why she couldn't catch it.  She thought about it, and then said, "I don't know."  Later, she noticed the ponytail on her shadow was swinging as she jogged.  She said, "Mom, when my feet hit the ground, they make music, and that's why my hair is dancing!"  What a funny girl!

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